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    About us

    Quinter is a network organization of unique professionals with different experiences and skills in consulting, finance and leadership development, who have one common mission: to enable people and organizations to achieve sustainable growth and results as well as to live and work according to their true essence. Quinter was founded in 2012 bringing leadership and coaching programs to executives, teams and individuals. Over the last few years, Quinter has sensed the need to expand the playing field to organizational transformations whereas both individuals and the organization are inseparable. This is reflected in the Quinter approach.


    The name “Quinter” is derived from Aristotle’s  La Quinta Essentia, the fifth fundamental element of ether that goes alongside earth, water, fire, and air. It also stands for the unique gift that human beings have to create something new from what they already have. Both meanings form the essence of what Quinter brings to organizations and individuals — open space and the ability to create new possibilities with what you have already.

    A unique and integral approach in the field of organizational development

    Quinter core team


    Mark Braber

    Founding partner 
    “My deeply felt inner calling is that I enable others to live and work according to their true essence.”


    Liane Braber

    Associate coach
    “My deep inner calling is to connect others with their heart wisdom.”


    Leadership journeys

    Quinter is founding partner of  Leap Travel, a new and unique leadership development program that offers worldwide profound journey experiences. Leap Travel is a co-creation between Riksja Travel and Quinter. 

    The journey: outside and inside

    By offering journeys to the most beautiful places all over the world, participants can experience their inner journey professionally guided by a certified facilitator. Amidst these travels, we enable individuals and teams to grow to their full potential.

    Do you need a unique perspective of your organization?

    Do you need a unique perspective of your organization? We would love to visit you and explore how we can enable your organization. Feel free to contact us.
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